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Quality Secateurs £18
Trimpro Blade £150
Trimpro Workstation Only £225
Trimpro Sack £36
TrimBOX Workstation - Complete System £745
Tumble Trimmer £375
Drying Racks
Trimpro Automatik Trim Sack £38
Trimpro XL Sack £95
Trimpro Grate - SILENCE 7/16 inch & 5/16 inch £120

Hydroponics Trimming Machines
from TrimPRO and Cannacutter, Kermith, SprinPRO and TumbleTrimmer.

TrimmingMachine.co.uk is totally dedicated to hydroponics trimming machines and horticultural shredders for bonsai, hydroponics & horticultural (herbal and floral) applications and associated accessories and spare parts. Our hydroponic trimmers cater for all levels of grower from hobby to commercial. If you do not see the trimmer you want, then give us a call and we'll get it for you. 

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Bud Clean Scissors
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